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I have spent a lot of time learning what works and doesn’t work when you travel.  Here are the links to the gear I travel with that I discussed in the video above.

Osprey Farpoint 40 Liter– This is the most important item for a solid trip.  It forces you to pack only the essentials which makes it easy for you to get to and fro with as little hassle as possible.  This back pack fits in all overhead bins which will make it eventually pay for its self.  They will repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge.  These are great back packs made in Cortez, Colorado.

Ecco Melbourne Slip On- These Danish shoes are worn by doctors all over the world because they are dressy (enough) and very comfortable to wear all day when you need to be on your feet.  I wore these shoes for 25 days straight on a vacation where I walked at least five miles everyday.  They last a long time and very light weight.  I have a very wide foot and they make a size called extra wide that fits me perfectly.  It sounds hard to believe, but I would rather walk in these shoes than in a pair of tennis shoes.  Although they are worth the $180 retail price, you can find several used pairs like I did on Ebay for about $50.

Travelambo Minimalist Wallet- I like to travel with a small wallet to minimize my chance of theft.  I once lost my wallet in Nicaragua and I was so mad that I had to replace a business credit card, my fishing license, and a gym card.  Why did I take those things to Central America?  I like to travel with this cheap wallet that has RFID blocking and allows me to conceal my valuables more easily.

Travelambo Money Belt- I don’t normally travel with one of these, but Spain and Barcelona in particular are notorious for pick pockets.  If someone were to steal my wallet or cell phone, it would ruin at least a day of my trip.  I wanted to minimize my risks and Kim took this as her purse.  It does its job and can help you avoid being pick pocketed.

Coolingtech Universal Travel Adapter- I have tried several different types of electrical adapters.  This is currently my favorite.  For only $15, it is very well made and can charge two USB devices and a regular plug in electrical device all at the same time.

ASUS Chromebook- I bought mine two years ago on a sale for only $165.  These sell for about $200 and it is amazing that they can build a solid computer for this price.  I love traveling with this computer because it small, light, and cheap.  Constantly worrying about someone stealing your $1,000+ laptop can ruin a vacation.  This computer only gets on Google Chrome and isn’t as fast as an expensive laptop, but it gets the job done.  The battery lasts at least 8 hours on a charge and I can do most of my job from the road with this Chromebook.

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle– Americans take clean free tap water at restaurants for granted.  Having to buy bottled water while out walking and for every meal can really add up.  It is a no brainer to buy this bottle that will pay for its self.  I have been surprised that almost every restaurant I went to in Italy and Argentina told me their tap water wasn’t safe to drink.  After finding out that I had Endolimax Nana Rare Trophozoites living in my gut from some vacation; I bought this bottle, and I am glad I did.

Kolumbo TSA Luggage Locks- These are great for locking the zippers on your backpack or luggage.  You also need these for lockers in hostiles.  They are a good deterrent to make someone think twice about the amount of effort they want to go through to steal your stuff.

Lumintrail 4ft Cable Wire- I like traveling with this so that I can tie my bag to furniture.  If someone really wants your stuff, they will be able to take it, but this just makes it a little more work to take your stuff.  They work really well with my travel locks.

Google Project Fi I didn’t mention it in the video, but my cell phone plan with Fi make traveling so much easier.  I pay $20 per month for an all you can call and all you can text plan.  It then costs $10 per Gigabyte of data–almost anywhere in the world.  I can also call people for free on WIFI and it is only 20 cents per minute to call the US from most countries.  Paying the same low price for data in a foreign country without having to get a travel plan or buy a SIM card comes in handy.

Best wishes on your next exploration.  Ten un buen viaje.


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